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Parent Teacher Organization

PTO Board

Name & Position: Email Address:  
Julie Pompizzi-Jablonowski, Co-President  
Allison Madigan, Co-President  
Erin Hughes, Vice President  
Katy Rusilko, Treasurer  
Ken Reigle, Asst. Treasurer  
Laura Mann, Recording Secretary  
Liz Saraceno, Communications Secretary  

Laura Bartoletti, Volunteer Coord.






Key Communicators

Gavin Church: 706-987-7778;

Chris Flaherty: 724-875-4137;

PTO Calendar


PTO Handbook


PTO Bylaws

Bylaws (updated 2024)

PTO Forms              

                Party Approval Form

                Birthday/Class Party Celebrations

                Birthday Celebration Options

                Metz Nutritious Party Menu

PTO Dates and Minutes

September 20 (9:00 AM)  

November 14 (7:00 PM) 

January 17 (9:00 AM)

March 12 (7:00 PM)

May 8 (9:00 AM)